first baptist church staff

pastor bob shelton

I have written dozens of biographies through the years about things that I have done, places I have been, and schools that I have attended. So this time I want to tell you why I did those things, saw those places, and attended those schools. I only got into the ministry to help people. I had no idea that I would be so blessed to pursue that passion for thirty five years. I have found a truth through those many years. PEOPLE JUST DON'T CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT MY CREDENTIALS. 

They do want to know that we will care for them. They want to trust us when we travel with their children. They want to know that we are the real deal. They want to know that we are men and women who will be faithful to the Lord, against all odds.

Perhaps our life experiences help to prepare us for such responsibility. My wife Jan and I have raised three children, who are now raising our eight grandchildren. That too has prepared me to serve you and your family. The children and teens who attend our church have my heart. I am never happier than when I see them grow spiritually. I am never more sad than when we lose one to the world. I am a committed follower of Jesus, who is still learning what it takes to lead others toward that same commitment. Join us in that journey. Together, we will help each other.


Brent Williams

Every moment of my life has been undeserving. God has given me a wife, Cari, that loves me, loves our children and loves Christ. My four children are kind, loving and respectful to their mother and me. I am underserving of the family I have been given. When I realized God wanted me to become a pastor, He allowed me to pastor a church in Central Illinois that was patient in my youthfulness and submissive to my leadership. I did nothing to deserve a church that loved our family as their own. When our family decided to plant a church in Anchorage, Alaska, God gave us amazing churches to help us get started. I never deserved their commitment. Even today, I am a recipient of God’s undeserving love as I am allowed to serve the amazing people of First Baptist Church here in Alma. 


It all adds up to one word… undeserving. “But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us.” Ephesians 2:4


As a recipient of undeserving grace and love, I want to commit myself to showing others in our community and state the same grace and love that I have experienced from Christ. I want to help equip other Christians to be amazed at grace and marvel at God’s faithfulness. Nothing will motivate our obedience and generosity more than to be overwhelmed by grace we have never earned or mercy we have never deserved.

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worship-Teaching pastor

donnie crosswhite

I was privileged to be born into the family of a Baptist music and youth minister, and as early as I can remember was faithfully taught the Bible at home and at church. Due to this influence, I gave my life to Christ at the age of 7.


When I was ten years old my father entered full time evangelism and for the following eleven years our family traveled throughout the south and mid-west signing and leading revival services and seminars. It was also during this span of my life, as an older teen, that I felt God’s call into full time ministry.

In June of 1989, I married my best friend and the love of my life. Kathy is a pastor’s daughter from central Illinois and a very talented Lady who loves serving Christ. We have been blessed with four children, two girls and two boys, who also enjoy church ministry.

From 1989 until now, I’ve been privileged to work in many aspects of ministry from Music and Youth to Senior Pastor. After serving for over 17 years in the Augusta Georgia area, God led us to join the ministry team of First Baptist of Alma in April of 2011.

My life’s goal and desire is to serve Christ by connecting people with the life changing power of the gospel and encouraging growth through music and the teaching of His word.

Pastor of Missions

bakary doumbouya

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I’m Pastor Bakary Doumbouya serving here at First Baptist Church of Alma as Mission Corp project manager. I have been on staff here since May 2008. I’m originally from Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa, where I was born and raised until the age of 26. My sweet wife Eva who is from Kenya and I have been married since 2009. She is my true support and help in the ministry after The Lord Jesus Christ. We are truly delighted and blessed to be part of the FBC Alma family.


Upon joining the FBC Alma pastoral team I was sent to a small Native American reservation in South Dakota and served there for three winters as a missionary pastor. My primary focus with FBC is to plan all mission work and trips for the church. I then travel to carry out the missionary vision of FBC wherever the church has an ongoing work. In the recent years we have focused on West Africa where FBC had no prior work.

The passion of my heart is to see God’s Kingdom being extended by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to see His people live as true disciples and followers of Christ. To me, ministry is first and foremost about serving. I personally have a special calling for hard places of poverty, persecution and hardships.

A lot of my time whilst travelling is spent on leadership/discipleship training, and helping the locals break out of the cycle of poverty. There is nothing more motivating, more fulfilling and bringing joy to one’s heart than to be doing the work of the Lord.

I have a B.A in Business Administration from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas and another degree in English and language studies from the National University of Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Prior to becoming a full time minister, I worked in business in the Chicago area.

Yours and His servant,

associate pastor

mike glasgow

I was born in Shawnee, OK. My Dad was a student at Oklahoma Baptist University and was Pastor at a church in Lenapah, OK. His Dad was also a Pastor, and I grew up in a Christian home. I was saved at age 5 during a revival my Grandfather was preaching at in my Dad's church. I remember going out behind a tree and praying and asking Jesus into my heart like it was yesterday. 

We moved to Indiana when I was 9 to work in the Mission field. We would set up chairs and my Dad would preach at the ODD Fellowship Lodge in Shelby in the morning and I would go with him to Crowne Point, Indiana for service in the afternoon. We moved back to Oswego, Kansas when I was 11, and I preached my first sermon there. I have always known that God called me into Ministry. Everything in my life has prepared me for where I am now. 

I spent 25 years in Transportation operations, sales and in maintenance, and I knew that God still had a plan for me but didn't know how to follow it. I prayed for God to help me. Brother Bob preached a sermon and told about how he took a job outside of the Ministry and he was successful but miserable. I felt God speak to me and tell me the time was now. I could follow now or not at all but I didn't know what I needed to do to follow. God replied to ask Brother Bob for guidance. All of the reasons why I could not and God said leave that to me. I promised God that day that I would follow Him. If he put an opportunity in front of me, I would not refuse it. 

I don't try and tell God what I am going to do, I thank Him for the opportunities He gives me.  I am thankful for a Godly Pastor who challenges me regularly to serve the people of Alma and to share the Gospel with all ages on a regular basis. 

youth pastor

jd finley

"My name is J.D. Finley and I am 21 years old and currently finishing up my senior year at University of Arkansas Fort Smith and will hopefully graduate in the spring with my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and a minor in History. I will go back to school next fall and start a Master’s degree program but I am still praying about what direction I should go between ministry and teaching, or both.


While I was attending church here in my formative years of High School we went through about 3 youth pastors in about 5 years time, and my personal goal is to give our students some continuity and consistency that I didn’t have while I was a member of the youth at First Baptist. I believe it is very important for students to be able to establish a connection with a Youth Leader, and rely on that relationship throughout their Middle School and High School years.


I work with grades 6th-12th on a consistent basis, specifically the 8-9th grade boys Cell Group on Wednesday nights. My office hours for this semester will be Monday afternoons, all day on Wednesday and Friday mornings. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an email, give me a call or shoot me a text. I would be glad to talk with you about the programs we have going here at First Baptist."

Children's Pastor                               Seth Stinnett

My name is Gregory Stinnett, and I go by Seth. I grew up in a wonderful home with parents that had me in a Baptist Church my entire life. After I got to around my Junior year of high school I started to rebel against my parents and live a very wordly life which led me down a road with many bad choices. The Lord grabbed a hold me me some years later and transformed my heart. Shortly after that He led me to attend Boyce College which is Southern Seminary's Undergrad and pursue a Biblical Counseling Degree. God used my time at college to mature me as a Christian.  It was amazing the way he was transformed my character and molded me into the Godly man that I am today. 

I was blessed to meet my wife there, Jena Murphy (which is now Stinnett of course) as she was studying her Degree in missions. We got married and after school moved back to Providence, Kentucky where I am originally from. I took a job as a Calibration Tech for a company to move forward with our family. After working for around 7 months I had this deep desire to serve the Lord full time and we talked it over as a family and decided to pursue that. The Lord led me to Alma and has blessed our family since. We are currently awaiting our baby girl to arrive and are excited to start that Journey. God is Good !

support staff

office ladies

Mrs Carol Butcher (Left) is the Financial Administrator for our church.  

Mona Ford (Middle Left) is an Administrative Assistant and Publication Coordinator. 

Misty Sevenstar (Middle Right) is an Administrative Assistant and Media Coordinator. 

Jan Shelton (Right) is an Administrative Assistant.